Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out you have a termite problem!

Down and Dead Pest Control provides termite inspections for commercial clients in Ballarat. Termites pose a serious threat to the structural safety of builidngs made from wood. Whether your building is built on wooden stumps, has wooden beams or weatherboards, termites are a silent destroyer. The worst part is, they are all-too-often undetectable until it’s too late. You can’t hear them, you can’t see them, you can’t smell them… so how do you know they’re there? You don’t!

We are trained professionals and our termite inspections will determine whether you have a termite problem. Knowledge is power and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to termites! Termites eat through wood, including hardwood. These tiny, undetectable critters are capable of chewing through thick structural beams, wooden stumps and weatherboards.

There are many different types of termites too, so you need inspections to be done by professionals who can identify the type of termite, the extent of the problem and can provide advice based on this knowledge. The only way to rule out a termite infestation is to book an inspection. Signs of a termite infestation can include hollow-sounding wood and bubbling paint, but the only guaranteed way to identify a problem is to have a pest inspection.

If you have a commercial enterprise in Ballarat please contact Down and Dead Pest Control for termite inspections. Our services include pest control for the food industry.