Pest control barcode scanners

Down and Dead’s commercial pest control services are continually evolving to incorporate the latest products, techniques and technology, ensuring we fulfil our commitment to eradicate clients’ pest problems.

Pest control barcode scanners and software are among the latest measures Down and Dead has introduced, and our rodent control scanning for Ballarat, Melbourne and Geelong clients makes use of barcode scanners and software that tracks and collates information about the various rodent control measures we implement to monitor and eliminate pests.

Through our association with technology company ServicePRO-Online, Down and Dead’s rodent control scanning ensures we have up-to-date information about the locations of our control stations, the control measures in place, consumption of materials, equipment used and which of our various pest control measures we have implemented. Our pest control barcode scanner technology also records the date and time of each service and provides a history of rodent control measures.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to pest control and Down and Dead’s rodent control scanning system allows us to tailor and personalise services to individual clients. From booking our technicians right through to invoicing clients, Down and Dead’s pest control barcode scanners and associated software ensure we provide the most effective, timely and affordable service available.

Our rodent controlling software also has the option to deliver inspection reports so clients can see for themselves the effectiveness of Down and Dead’s pest and rodent control measures. Our Geelong, Melbourne and Ballarat pest control barcode scanners and rodent control scanning software are perfectly suited to pest control in the food and hospitality industries, where cleanliness and the eradication of pests are paramount.

To find out more about our rodent control scanning and pest control barcode scanners for Ballarat, Melbourne and Geelong district clients, please contact Down and Dead, where our technicians are not only fully licensed and accredited, they also have the latest technology working with them to eradicate pests.