January 19, 2017

We at Down ‘n Dead Pest Control believe in not just eradicating pests, but also saving our environment by taking care of those insects that most believe require eradicating.

Without bees, the human race would not survive, so with this in mind, our policy is to SAVE the bees.

Of course not all situations enable this to happen.  Some bees make up home in places that put people at risk.  Some bees make up home in places where it is not possible to safely remove them.

BUT in many cases, they can be SAVED.

So.. when you call Down ‘n Dead Pest control to eradicate a bee hive… we will endeavour to remove them safely using a qualified apiarist who will re-house them, and by using us, you will have contributed in saving our environment by caring for our much needed BEE.